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Initial Meeting

After receiving the brief and fully understanding what the company stands for, we wanted to incorporate warmth, care, love and

community spirit into the website. It had to be reflected in the colour, content and the feeling users get when visiting the website.

Part of the brief required us to redevelop their logo. It was essential that it matched the same aesthetic that we had intended for

the website.


Then we started drafting the young adult section. We foresaw that it would contain a lot of information and knew it

had to be displayed differently to make it easier for users to navigate and access whatever detail they were after. We were

aware children wouldn’t directly access these websites and yet, we wanted to retain the feeling of it being related to children.

This vibe is portrayed in the overall style and playful button animation.


Creating the Initial Design and Mock-up

It was time to make a visual representation of our plan. We didn’t want to design a website that would be overwhelming because people accessing the website will be looking for a solution to a problem they have. They will not be after a website that was designed to impress, but one that has the information that they’re after and is straightforward to access.


Calls to action and headings have to be placed strategically. We had to be able to understand the minds of the target audience to know where they would be likely to go if they landed on any of the web pages.

When it came to the children’s website, we picked bright, vibrant colours. The layout was designed much like the young adult’s page; it was a one page site.


Giving Life to the Design

We already knew that this would be a heavy website so we had to be careful about using features that would make it heavier as we

didn’t want their users’ experience to be affected. It is also a website that demands frequent content alteration so we had to

pick a content management system that would be easy for their admin team to use. They would have access to sensitive information so we

had to ensure that it was secure.


Even though we wanted the website to have a simple aesthetic, we didn’t want it to be overly minimal and decided to add subtle

effects that would add to the seamless interactivity. You can see these effects in the buttons, links and images.

There is also top user experience considerations on the website to further enhance their feeling and use of the website.


Testing and Debugging the Website

The website was then tested for validation in regards to the code and cross browser compatibility. We ensured everything was working according to the original requirements and sepecifications. We sent it off to the client to be sure it met their expectations.


We also made sure that the website is mobile friendly because some of their clients might access their website from a mobile device. We do not want them to loose out on business prospects just because the website did not render properly on their device.


Completed Website, Happy Client


Main Features:

  • Collateral Designs
  • Latest Web Design Trends
  • One Page Website
  • Semantically Coded Website
  • PHP5/HTML5/CSS3/Js
  • Content Management System
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly


The website was then tested for validation, both for the code and cross browser compatibility. We ensured everything was working according to how it is supposed to. We sent it off to the
client to be sure everything was how they wanted it.

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