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Initial Meeting

For this project, we were required to create a log of any planned changes before we began designing and developing the

website. It was an intensive project that required a lot of back-end development. The project manager wanted a website that was

highly user friendly. The user interface had to be very easy to navigate as it required clients to review their flight experiences.


We had to develop interactive maps and a personal information section in which the user can create their personal accounts for reviewing.

We designed and developed their logo as well. In doing so, we not only captured the essence of the business

but were able to keep it simple.


Creating the Initial Design and Mock-up

In order to meet the client’s requirements, we had to start from the top. Firstly, we captured the aesthetic of the website in the logo and then we worked on the user journey as it is important to get users to the right destination as easily/quickly as possible. We achieved this by including an interactive map. Visitors can click on an airport they had previously flown from/to based on its location and will immediately be taken to the appropriate review section.


We made sure call to action buttons are placed in strategic positions. We also worked on the colours; we didn’t want the users‘ experience to be affected by bright or dull colours.

We also worked on aspects of  the branding of the business including the logo; business cards and leaflets. We made the registration and sign-up process as straightforward as possible because most users are busy and will be discouraged by anything time consuming.


Giving Life to the Design

We developed the website with advanced css3, html5, PHP and Jquery ensuring that we use the best practices, since it is a

heavy website, we didn’t want the loading time to affect the users’ experience.


When developing the website, we considered the client’s experience when editing their content because it has a

complex system. We decided to use a content management system that would make editing easy.

The user experience will remain unaffected regardless of the device the website is viewed on.


Testing and Debugging the Website

Rigorous investigation and debugging had to be carried out at this stage to ensure that the website functioned equally well on each browser, especially the old ones as the website’s targeted a varied audience and we didn’t want anyone’s experience to be affected.


We also ensured that the website was fluid and would fit any screen device.

When we were sure that everything was working as it should, we sent it to the client for approval.


Completed Website, Happy Client

After processing the remaining development changes, we eventually finished the website and it was put live.

It is now viewable via the following link:


Main Features:

  • Collateral Designs
  • Latest Web Design Trends
  • UX And UI
  • Semantically Coded Website
  • PHP5/HTML5/CSS3/Js
  • Content Management System
  • Dynamically Customised Theme
  • Airline/Airports Review System
  • Interactive Map (Google’s API)
  • Sign/Sign Up Registration
  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO Friendly


CareWare Design were simply a pleasure to work with. From the innovative design collaboration they brought, to the dedicated build of the website.
Coming to them with the birth of an idea, I left with a fully grown business vehicle. Thank you!

Mohsin Chaudary - Director


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