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Initial Meeting

Our client wanted a one page website encompassing the latest web trends. With this in mind, we chose to develop it with a

parallax scrolling effect as this provides a rich user experience when it comes to one page websites.


You won’t be able to fully appreciate these small yet important details until you’ve seen the website for yourself.

The WOW factor includes: a customised loading icon and scroll bar for visual consistency and full height pages. We also

considered usability for the visitors and ensured that scrolling and navigating to particular sections of content on the website would

be easy to follow.


Creating the Initial Design and Mock-up

Our client already had their design in place and wished for it to be brought to life. After taking on the project we gave ourselves enough time to actually understand the website’s current visual style so that we could determine the best course of action, going forward.

After careful deliberation, it became clear that we would need to change some of the formatting of the information so that everything would be presented clearly between each heading across the page.


Once that issue had been taken care of, we focused our attention on the navigation aspect and implemented buttons alongside each topic heading which would re-direct your browser’s slider back to the starting position or any of the other sections. This is a common feature in conjunction with parallax scrolling and is especially vital with this page due to the large amount of content which is displayed.


Giving life to the Design

We created this website with the following technology: HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jquery, PHP5 and moved it to a content

management system. This ensures that the client will be able to edit the content easily, even without prior web design

knowledge as this section was built with a user friendly interface in mind.


We gave the website a design edge with the advanced features of css3 and jquery which can be seen in the menu, team

section and other parts of the website. As previously mentioned, we added the parallax effect in relation to the scrolling as

an added user experience. The website is mobile friendly which means that it will retain its features on any device it is viewed on

and the user’s experience won’t be compromised as a result.


Testing and Debugging the Website

The website had been stress tested across all major and minor browsers to guarantee that it retained all its features. These test are absolutely essential as they provide confirmation that the website is free of bugs, will be user friendly and will not break on some devices and browsers.


We also tested the website to be sure that it is fluid because some of their clients might access their website from a mobile device. We do not want them to lose out on potential business based on the fact that the website did not render correctly on their device. The website was finally sent off to the clients so that they could also test it and approve the changes which had been made.


Completed Website, Happy Client

Main Features:

  • Latest Web Design Trends
  • UX and UI
  • Semantically Coded Website
  • PHP5/HTML5/CSS3/Js
  • Content Management System
  • Dynamically Customised Theme
  • Parallax Scrolling Effect
  • SEO friendly
  • Mobile friendly


Working with Careware has been an extremely successful experience and one we would recommend any business undertake.
The team took time to understand all essential requirements and provided additional advice on how best to illustrate and sell our business through the website.
They have managed and delivered all our expectations and continue to provide ongoing support and assistance where necessary. We would have no problem in recommending the team to future businesses.

Alan Payne - Director


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