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We want you to have full confidence in our development team. Review the services we offer below to see how we can assist you through your project.

Web Design

Our web design team utilises the latest technology to produce the highest quality websites and through our many years of experience we are able to quickly analyse your requirements in order to build a website that matches your exact needs whether in relation to the appearance or overall functionality.
We will always ensure that your website promotes the best possible image and carries unique elements which enable it to stand out from competitors. We also guarantee the very best SEO optimisation when it comes to boosting your page rank and traffic.
CareWare Design does not discriminate on established size. We have the knowledge and experience to carry out an entire branding project for start-up businesses to a full scale re-design for large scale businesses.
In addition to working with a multitude of various sized companies, we also work with businesses across a great range of sectors. We have always succeeded in meeting the individual needs of each client and understanding their target market.


It is proven that an increasing amount of people prefer to shop online so we understand that building the right environment for your business is vital to your success.
From a basic package to a comprehensive e-commerce system, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver perfect results and ensure you’re left feeling satisfied.
We’ve been a part of this industry since 2004 and in that time we have not only established a solid reputation but have also gained a broad knowledge of the technology which can be utilised, the common needs of customers and how to approach these requirements. We can safely say that you won’t fall victim to any online pitfalls while we’re around.
If you already have a site and wish to upgrade it to have e-commerce elements then please *contact us now. We’re more than happy to offer a free evaluation to determine what changes would need to be implemented in order to boost sales figures. For a small consultancy charge*, we will carry out a full length report of our findings detailing why your site is not achieving and will include a list of points to consider before action is taken.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Nowadays, the success of your website is highly reliant upon SEO as part of an online marketing strategy.
It is statistically proven that 94% of users will only visit websites that are displayed on the first page of search engine results and a third of these people will click on the first link. Attaining a high rank for your most important and relevant keywords is crucial in today’s unbelievably competitive environment.
Through our years of expertise, we will boost your search rankings within the most popular search engines and will ensure your website receives the attention it deserves. Regardless of whether on-page or off-site optimisation is required, we will devise an effective scheme tailored to your business’ exact requirements.
In recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis on content in relation to SEO. Producing content which is valuable to your visitors has a massive impact on your search position.
We recommend focusing on creating any articles or blog posts on your site wherever possible and to ensure that each one is rich in keywords. Trust in our content producers to provide the best advice when it comes to finding the most appropriate approach.


We’re aware that your logo is a fundamental part of your business. It’s the first element visitors notice when they enter your website or organisation which is why we aim to make amendments until we're certain it is memorable and reflects what your business delivers.
We will carry out an in depth analysis of your current logo and will take various factors into consideration when deciding how to improve upon its current appearance. Utilising a variety of colours, styles, patterns, icons and fonts as well as textures – you can be sure that we will produce a logo that shows off your business in the best possible way.
To kick-start this development, we’ll commence an evaluation of your website’s current aesthetics and a consultation involving some complex questions about your business. You may receive a few that you haven’t even asked yourself but we want you to be completely honest as this will allow us to pinpoint what is currently making your business successful and what you should be aiming for in the long term.

Mobile sites

In the passing years, the number of users who browse the internet on their mobiles has risen dramatically and that is something which is not expected to change anytime soon. For this reason, we guarantee the very best optimisation so that your website will function as effectively on a multitude of devices as it would on a standard PC or Mac.
No longer will potential customers be discouraged when visiting your site for the first time on an alternate device. Upon accessing your website’s viewing statistics, you will notice a significant difference.
It is statistically proven that a third of all online traffic derives from mobile devices, and doubtless this statement is no less true for your website.
There are direct correlations between the websites we have managed and increases in sales and bookings from mobiles. We have also helped to manage websites in multiple industries and have seen their traffic have greater increases than ever before.

Social media

In recent years, social media has had a climatic impact on the way companies reach out to their customers. Services such as: Twitter and Facebook can be greatly beneficial if utilised correctly. Unfortunately, if the right approach is not taken then this act is completely futile and can cost your business an unnecessary amount of time and money.
This is where we can assist. Through our years of experience, we understand the strategy when it comes to engaging with customers. We’ll help you to build attractive content, set and attain realistic goals in accordance with your short and long term objectives. On top of this, we’ll advise you on the most suitable way to monitor the results of your social statistics and will continue to work with you non-stop throughout the campaign, ensuring that your business reaches its desired social stature.
At CareWare, we don’t just believe in boosting your number of Facebook fans and twitter followers; we actually want to enable you to captivate your audience and to get them more involved in your pages’ activity. Picture active competitions, polls and much more! This factor is far more important in social media than the amount of figures on a counter.


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