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Fri May

New and Improved CareWare Design + Added Features

We have been working extensively surrounding the redesign of our website. We’ll be featuring all our design and development projects since CareWare Design begun. We want to continue providing you with top notch web services and one of the ways we can convince you that we deliver is by showcasing our new portfolio.

While we’ve stuck with the single page format, we have also added inner pages. These pages cover details of our services, about us, testimonials as well as a weekly blog. The home page contains links to all the inner pages and to all the important things we want you to be aware of such as: the awesome people behind CareWare Design. You will also notice the smooth scrolling effect and the custom colour scheme that we have given it.

We have also incorporated some of the latest trends into various elements throughout the website. These trends can found in everything from the buttons, slider images, the layout and the icons.

You now have the opportunity to see the businesses we have worked with and how we were able to meet their requirements as well as portfolio sites for restaurants, architects, estate agents, brain research institutes and review websites. These are just a few of the many eCommerce projects that we have been involved in.

Our lab is another new feature that we know you’re going to love! We will be updating this page on a weekly basis with content spanning the internet. This will include everything from web news, inspirational themed discussions, jokes and free tutorials.

Hope you all enjoy!


About CareWare Design
We create designs and solutions for web, mobile and the real world. With over 6 years’ experience in design, build and delivery we will create the perfect solution where it seems the desirable is unattainable. We work with our clients to deliver the best in e-commerce, interactive and responsive designs so they continue to achieve.

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